Furby Gangnam Style | New Furby Dancing

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New Furby Dances Gangnam Style

Do you remember the hit toy of 1998 that looked somewhat like a gremlin? Furby was a bestselling Christmas toy. Every kid wanted one and was trying to learn the Furbish language. Furby is back and better than ever – and Free Furby apps make it perfect for the iPad Mini.

Technology has changed massively in fourteen years. If you thought the Furby toy was awesome then, you should see it now. The original Furbie toy came in lots of different colors. Furby 2.0 has cute fur and LCD eyes that blink and move. It is totally up to date with the computer era. It can wiggle its ears and responds to music when dancing Gangnam Style. Furby’s new app which sends sound codes to the toy is likely to make it one of the hot Christmas toys of 2012. This app will actually teach children to speak in the Furbish language.
Screen Shot 2012-12-08 at 4.09.39 PM

Like the younger Furby, Furby 2.0 is able to speak to other Furbies within range. It also responds to people. It can tell the difference between people and other Furbies. It speaks Furbish in the beginning but will eventually learn to speak English. Furby doesn’t have an on/off switch. In order to get this highly active and talkative toy to be quiet, it must be isolated. As soon as it is bumped or hears a noise, it’s awake and ready to play. Before we know it, Furby will be Pacmanning!

Retro Furby comes several amazing colors – yellow, orange, teal, purple, white and black! Stay tuned for New Furby colors 2012, and new Furby sounds.

This top Christmas toy will be selling for about sixty dollars. With its iOS app and its new Gangnam Style dance moves, Furby 2012 is sure to be a coveted item this year. Furby Fever for Xmas Day, Boxing Day and every other day! Watch for free Shipping on Amazon.

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Furby Accessories | Furby Sling Bag

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New Furby Accessories 2012

Furby Sling Bag Carrier - Furby Accessories

Furby Sling Bag Carrier – Furby Accessories

Explore Furby Accessories and Furby stickers that can accompany a Furby toy – the New Furby will even dances Gangnam Style!

Just like the older version, the new Furby does not have an off switch so you will want to find him a nice quiet place to sleep.

New Furby colors 2012, and new Furby sounds promise to be a lot of fun! Watch for limited and special edition Furbies, Furby stickers – and Furby babies!

Watch for Furby babies, and limited and special editions!

Furby Sling Bag – Bowling Bag Carrier

Children can carry their Furby wherever they go with the Furby Fashion carrier allows your child to travel with their new Furbie toy. Furby Sling Bag has a window and a side pocket to carry any phone or MP3 player. The Furby Sling Bag carrier/bowling bag comes in Teal Blue and Pink colors.

Furby Lounge Chair

Furby Lounge Chair Blue - Furby Accessories

Furby Lounge Chair Blue – Furby Accessories

The Furby Lounge Chair is a a plush seat for your child’s new toy. Currently there are only two colors available for Furby Lounge Chair – Choose pink or teal (blue) Perfect for Starry Night Furby to sleep!

The plush lounge chair is the perfect place for your new toy to rest when he is not in the carrying case – and there is room for Furby babies too!

The Furbie lounge chair even looks like a Furby with cute ears and a circular round face.

Cool Furby Glasses

Furby glasses comes in several styles, colors and shapes. Furby frames 2012 are a great way to customize and personalize your new toy. Furby shades and Furby stickers are a great accessory for Furby Cotton Candy! Choose from cute heart shape glasses or star frames! Furby Frames come in orange, purple, pink, green, blue and black – accompanied with cute stickers.

Furby Glasses - Furby Frames Shades

Furby Glasses – Furby Frames Shades

Furby 2012

The adorable five-inch tall robotic figure popular at the end of the ‘90s. Now Hasbro is bringing him back as a hot Christmas toy for 2012. The new and improved, technologically advanced Furby toy is sure to make it to the top of many holiday wish lists. The latest generation of kids, teens, and some adults will ask for the interactive cuddly blue Furby and likely make him a best-selling Christmas toy.

With new abilities and more sensors, this chatty Furby seems to come more to life than before. He has new body moves, rolls around at will, and even dances to music. Furby’s mechanical eyelids open and close over expressive LCD screened eyes, and his rubber ears twitch and move.

Furby 2.0 has built-in skills to distinguish between various sounds and tones. Each Furbie will develop a personality all his own as he responds to human voices or another Furby friend. He arrives speaking the Furbish language, but as he evolves and changes under his owner’s care, Furby will learn to speak English too. He also communicates and absorbs new characteristics from high frequency audio applications. This means Furby is even capable of exchanging information with your iPad or iPhone through a free Furby App.

Priced at $60, the second edition Furby is sure to be a hit and a big seller this over the 2012 holiday season.

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Mohawk Furby | Furby Starry Night

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Furby With Mohawk

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Furby Mohawk - Furby Starry Night

Furby Mohawk – Furby Starry Night

In at #1 on Hot Christmas Toys 2012 is the new Furby 2012.

The new Furby 2012 release is making quite a stir. This new 2012 edition is already on several lists to be one of the top toys to give this holiday season. Not only is it updated with some new Furby colors, attitudes and even mowhawks.

This interactive toy now has more expressive LCD eyes and its own iOS apps. These apps will help the user translate what the Furby is saying since they speak both English and Furbish.

New Furbies with a Mohawk – Special/Limited Edition

  • Furby, Starry Night
  • Furby, Orangutan
  • Furby, Cotton Candy
  • Furby, Lagoona
  • Furby, Punky Pink
  • Furby, Raincloud

Much as in the first Furby release of 1998, this new 2012 Furby edition will vary its responses based on the way it is talked to and treated. Even turning the new Furby upside down or pulling its tail will get a response. This new edition of Furby will also come with a new Furby 2012 price. The original Furby, when released was priced at an average of $35.00. The new Furbies will run from $50 to as high as $90, depending on the retailer.

These toys are already popular gift choices and it’s expected to see them sell rapidly. While there are many places recommending people to buy theirs early, there are no confirmed reports of massive sell outs expected. Certain colors may sell faster than others, but overall this cute toy is expected to be on the shelves throughout the holiday shopping season.

It’s easy to see why kids, and many adults, will love the 2012 Furby. Kiddies always love a toy that will “respond” to them, and many adults may buy one simply because of the memories of the ones they had years ago.

Stay tuned for special edition, and limited edition, and maybe even Christmas edition Furby toys 2012.

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Wii Mini | Wii Mini Console

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Wii Mini Console 2012

Nintendo launching Nintendo Wii Mini for Christmas

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Wii Mini Game Console - Red and Black

Wii Mini Game Console – Red and Black

Out of the list of hot Christmas toys 2012, there is one that certainly stands out to be a fast seller in all of the major toy stores and online. The new Wii Mini will be released on December 7, 2012 in the United States, making its retail debut just in time for holiday shopping.

Also, the Wii Fit U is coming in the first half of 2013!

The Nintendo Wii Mini bundle will come with a sensor bar, nunchuk, and Wii Remote Plus, which is standard fare for normal Wii consoles – This will mark the second Wii design following last year’s Europe-only “Wii Family Edition” bundle. The new miniature Wii appears as a black and red console, with the Wii Remote completely coloured in red.

The Mini Wii redesign would be a chance for Nintendo to capitalize on the holiday sales rush and might even make the list of Hot Christmas Toys 2013.

New Wii Mini games include Bayonetta 2, Darksiders 2, Assassin’s Creed III, and Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and kids will love it on Boxing Day!

This is a top game system you do not want to miss this 2012 holiday season – stay tuned for the red and black Wii Mini console!

On a side note – SEGA is planning to launch “several” new digital Sonic games and a new “boxed” Sonic game during 2013.

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Kinect Sesame Street | Christmas Gifts for Kids

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Kinect Sesame Street TV

Those who have an Xbox 360 with Kinect and are looking for the perfect Christmas gift for their child this holiday season may want to consider the Sesame Street Kinect game.

Sesame Street Kinect for Xbox 360

Sesame Street Kinect for Xbox 360

Sesame Street fans of all ages will enjoy jumping around the room and literally putting themselves right into the middle of the game. While video games used to include sitting around with a controller on the couch, Kinect Sesame Street is much more and even provides your children with the exercise that they should be getting. In this game, kids are the controller and will need to move around in order to make their way through the game.

In this interactive game, kids will play with their favorite Sesame Street characters including Big Bird, Elmo, Cookie Monster, Oscar the Grouch and Grover. Talk to the Sesame Street gang right on the television set, help them to complete tasks and even play fun games with them. Perhaps you’re in the mood for a game of catch with Grover or maybe someone needs help watering their plants. By simply making gestures in front of the television set, such as throwing, catching and waving, you’ll be interacting with the game’s characters.

There are a total of eight different games in Sesame Street Kinect. Characters will provide kids with instructions of what to do and how to help them out during each activity. Ages and skill levels will also be adjusted as necessary, continuing to grow as your skills improve. You’ll even learn your numbers, letters and word concepts when playing Kinect Sesame Street. This is one Xmas gift that any child will love to receive.

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New Mega Bloks Barbie | Barbie Construction Toy Line

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New Mega Bloks Barbie Sets – Pre-Xmas Gift Ideas

New Mega Bloks Barbie Sets (2013)

New Mega Bloks Barbie Sets (2013)

Mega Bloks is releasing a Barbie building set in North America on December 12th, 2012. Once spring of 2013 arrives, the building set will be released internationally. For many people, this announcement is long overdue. Many parents and kids have waited a long time for Mega Bloks and Mattel to work together. During a showcase in New York, fans got a special glimpse of the products that will be hitting store shelves next month. So far, the response has been nothing but positive.

The new Mega Blok set allows young girls to create their own pink Barbie world. Since the set features over 300 specially designed pieces, young girls have many fun options to choose from when playing with the Mega Bloks. They can create a fashion boutique, relax by the pool or hang out at the pet shop. In addition, kids can collect 19 mini fashion dolls. Besides Barbie, they should be on the lookout for popular favorites such as Ken, Teresa and Nikki. The mini fashion dolls even have accessories, clothing styles and changeable hair.

On December 12th, people can find Barbie Mega Bloks in stores like Toys R Us and Wal-Mart. If this new line of Mega Bloks appeals to enough people, more of these innovative products will be created. Retailers are already on board with the idea. In fact, they love having a product to add to the shelves next to Hello Kitty and My Little Pony toys. Even investors think that Mega Brand has made a smart decision to get the Barbie sales started in time for the lucrative holiday season.

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WowWee AppGear Toys | App Toys

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WowWee AppGear – iPad and iPhone Toys

Hot Christmas Toys 2012 include app powered toys!

WowWee specializes in connecting game apps with toys. In fact, app toys like 2012 Furby continue to soar in global popularity. With toys and electronics mixing more than ever, WowWee remains an industry leader in app-powered toys and applications. In recent months, the popular toy robot maker has created an innovative line of collectible toys. Known as App Gear, these applications combine physical toys and augmented reality to truly enhance the mobile gaming experience. With innovative features, App Gear interacts with free downloaded applications for tablets and smart phones. This has revolutionized both the wireless gaming and amplified reality sectors as a whole.

WowWee AppGear Toys - Source: WowWee

WowWee AppGear Toys – Source: WowWee

WowWee has enhanced the concept of connecting apps with traditional toys. In fact, their innovative concepts were recently on display at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. This cutting-edge concept promises to blend real-world toys with digital applications for years to come. This helps conventional toys play a pivotal part in the digital experience of applications and video games. Instead of taking a backseat, these toys can help enhance WowWee’s digital applications across the board. With advanced technologies, the company has released a number of programs that are compatible with physical toys. This includes Paper Jamz electronic toy guitars and Robosapien robotic toys.

WowWee’s App Gear is fully compatible with all Android and IOS mobile devices. They have also given retailers a way to secure timely business and profits. This includes affordable app-based toys, which range from $9.99 to $19.99. With technology at its fines, the union of traditional toys and digital apps is a burgeoning field. With WowWee, you are guaranteed app toys that are on the pulse of both broadband and digital entertainment.

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Augmented Reality Puzzles | App-Enabled Puzzles

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Augmented Reality Puzzles

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If you love jigsaw puzzles and iPhone apps, then you are going to love the new design of puzzles created by German puzzle maker, Ravensburger. He took the new ideas of augmented reality, and fused them with jigsaw puzzles. The result is astonishing.

Augmented Reality Puzzles - Source: Ravensburger

Augmented Reality Puzzles – Source: Ravensburger

For those of you who are not familiar with augmented reality, it is technology that allows people to bring certain elements to real life. It is mostly used with mobile gaming, but augmented reality has also been used for fashion shows and as aids to real estate agents.

Ravensburger took the basic idea of augmented reality and integrated it into jigsaw puzzles. Taking something new, like AR, and fusing it with something as old as a jigsaw puzzle sparks interest in many consumers.

Once you finish the jigsaw puzzle, the associated app will allow you to bring the puzzle to life. You can see the fish swimming in the sea or take a virtual tour of Paris on a rooftop, thanks to video animation and augmented reality. Some of the completed puzzles even allow users to play a little game with the (AR App) augmented reality app.

The new puzzles are predicted to be a top Christmas seller for 2012. Kids love mobile gaming and apps, so by integrating that technology into old board games, new interest is sparked and sales increase. App-powered toys will probably be the trend in the near future.

The apps for the AR puzzles will be available on the iPhone and iPad Mini.

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2013 Black Friday & Cyber Monday iPad Sales

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Black Friday 2013 & Cyber Monday iPad Sales

Apple iPad Mini Tablet - Source: Apple.com

Apple iPad Mini Tablet – Source: Apple.com

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are very well-known dates when it comes to iPad Mini shopping dates. Retailers and consumers both gear up their preparation from weeks before this ritual, and both benefit in the end. The consumers enjoy start-of-season pricing while retailers cash in on the new iPad Mini. The big question, then remains is whether this Black Friday and Cyber Monday would see the same as well.

The dates for this year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday are 23rd and 26th November respectively. The premium range Apple device has been selling like hot cakes in the years before this one too, which leads one to ask the question if that is really the best choice to make.

Nevertheless, Black Friday and Cyber Monday will be eagerly awaited even as Apple has kept a tight cover on most of the details of their One Day Shopping Event. People wait with bated breath to see what discounts they can avail of, on the day the iPad Mini 2 begins to sell.

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Web-Shooting Spider-Man | Christmas Gifts for Boys

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Hasbro’s New Web-Shooting Spider-Man for Christmas 2012

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Spider-Man Toy 2012 - Source: Hasbro

Spider-Man Toy 2012 – Source: Hasbro

Christmas Gifts for Younger Boys 2012

Is your child dressing up as a Spider-Man action figure for Halloween 2012?

Swinging off the big screen and heading into stores for Christmas this year is the new Web-Shooting Spider-Man by Hasbro. Standing 13 inches tall and wearing the most recent cinematic variation on his iconic red and blue costume, the 2012 Spiderman shooting web toy is capable of firing off one of his greatest weapons, the super strong adhesive webbing he has used to best many of his most dangerous foes.

This Spider-Man toy is durable and adjustable, ready to strike whatever crime-fighting, Lizard-stomping pose the situation calls for. Speaking of Spidey’s scaly reptilian foe, each figure also comes with a Lizard target to set-up and do combat with! Each of his wrists are capable of unleashing a retractable motorized web-line, complete with accompanying whirling sound effects. The action figure is both great fun to play with, but also looks very realistic, detailed and eye-catching when placed on display.

Marvel superhero toys are a popular 2012 Christmas gifts for younger boys, so the Web Shooting Spider-Man will be a big hit when it’s time to open presents. This top Xmas toy is recommended for ages 4 and up, with AAA batteries sold separately.

Discover more Hot Christmas Toys 2012 – such as Furby 2012, Doc McStuffins Doll Set, and kids tablet computers.

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