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Furby 2012 Toys – Top Christmas Toys

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Blue Furby - Furbys 2012 - Source:

Furbys 2012 – Source:

Meet Furby 2012 – the fluffy robot! This interactive, dancing and talking toy will make you laugh and dance to your favorite tunes. These quirky, little robot toys are unique, adorable and loads of fun! Emotional and unpredictable – your child will love the revamped Furby toy robot!

While the next generation Furby sounds quite similar to the original, it was designed with more touch sensors, two big LCDs eyes with mechanical eyelids and a microphone. Furby is already a hit on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube!

The new Furby comes with a free iPhone/iPad app that has a translator so you can figure out exactly what it’s trying to say. The cute robot is also compatible with iOS devices and has a free app that allows users to feed it.

The electronic robotic toy by Hasbro will come in 6 colors when it is released on Sept 16 and will expand to 10 by the holidays.

New Furby colors 2012 include purple, teal, white, yellow, black and orange. Later, Furby will come in four additional colors – light aqua blue, hot pink, royal blue and violet purple. We hope to see special edition Furby models as well!

Will Furby 2.0 become the king of the holiday season? The second generation Furby is predicted to be a best selling toy for Christmas 2012 – the perfect match for the new iPad Mini.

The Mayans may have been right about 2012. Vintage Furby is back!

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