Doc Mcstuffins Toys | Top Christmas Toys 2012

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Doc McStuffins Doll Set

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Doc McStuffins Doll Set – Source: Disney

Adorable and kind-hearted, the sensational character brought to life by Disney, Doc McStuffins, is a tiny veterinarian who’s charming children and parents alike. Now a special child in your life can be enchanted and comforted by the new Doc McStuffins doll, which is sure to be high on the list of hot Christmas toys for 2012. This doll offers a tangible means to further teach children about healthy habits in a relaxed and enjoyable way.

A very cute and accurate replica of the Doc that children have grown to love, the doll wears her signature white coat as well as her magical stethoscope. The vividly colored outfit and shoes are stylish. Her smile brightens the room, and the face appears soft and manages to look life-like. The toy is flexible and durable enough to withstand poking and prodding from even the most curious child wishing to reenact medical procedures seen on the Doc McStuffins show.

The entertainment value is taken up a notch due to the Doc toy’s ability to both talk reassuringly to a kid, plus she can beautifully sing catchy songs too. Doc’s medical kit, handy bag and devices are available too. One of Doc’s close pals, Lambie, is also available, so your child can spend time assisting Doc in Lambie’s care. Additionally, Lambie is able to vocalize as she receives her check-up. The new Doc McStuffins doll provides your child with a fun toy that also teaches the importance of showing compassion and care for others. Without a doubt, it is a lovely, must-have item this holiday season.

Other top Christmas Toys for 2012 include retro Furby, the Wii U and kids tablet computers.

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New Furbys 2012 | Robot Toys for Kids

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Furby 2012 Toys – Top Christmas Toys

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Blue Furby - Furbys 2012 - Source:

Furbys 2012 – Source:

Meet Furby 2012 – the fluffy robot! This interactive, dancing and talking toy will make you laugh and dance to your favorite tunes. These quirky, little robot toys are unique, adorable and loads of fun! Emotional and unpredictable – your child will love the revamped Furby toy robot!

While the next generation Furby sounds quite similar to the original, it was designed with more touch sensors, two big LCDs eyes with mechanical eyelids and a microphone. Furby is already a hit on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube!

The new Furby comes with a free iPhone/iPad app that has a translator so you can figure out exactly what it’s trying to say. The cute robot is also compatible with iOS devices and has a free app that allows users to feed it.

The electronic robotic toy by Hasbro will come in 6 colors when it is released on Sept 16 and will expand to 10 by the holidays.

New Furby colors 2012 include purple, teal, white, yellow, black and orange. Later, Furby will come in four additional colors – light aqua blue, hot pink, royal blue and violet purple. We hope to see special edition Furby models as well!

Will Furby 2.0 become the king of the holiday season? The second generation Furby is predicted to be a best selling toy for Christmas 2012 – the perfect match for the new iPad Mini.

The Mayans may have been right about 2012. Vintage Furby is back!

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New Furby Colors 2012 | Top Christmas Toys

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New Furby Colors 2012

Furby 2012 Colors - Source:

Furby 2012 Colors – Source:

If you were a fan of the original Furby, the furry robot pet that flew off store shelves over five years ago, get ready for Furby 2.0. The Hasbro team decided to give the cute and fuzzy electronic monster a makeover, which should thrill today’s technology-savvy youth. The added features give users more ways to interact with Furby, and many of the toy’s previous actions are more advanced.

These new Furby Toys will make for great Christmas presents and Birthday presents. Furby comes in 10 great colors – teal blue/green, orange, yellow, purple, white and black. Yes,there is even a black Furby! Watch for more great colors such as ice blue, hot pink, aqua and violet.

Punk Furbies With Mohawks

Furby is a Gigapet

One of the most notable changes in the interactive pet is its ability to communicate with humans and other Furby friends. The new design allows users to connect to an iPhone or iPad Mini and utilize applications that increase the fun factor. Feeding, communicating and caring for the robot is now easier. There is even a free app that translates Furby’s native language so users can understand what their robot pals need.

New Furby Colors 2012 - Source:

New Furby Colors 2012 – Source:

Not only has Furby’s inner machinery been upgraded, his overall look has been enhanced. The emotionless plastic eyes have been replaced with LCD lights, which give Furbie a more expansive range of expressions. Additionally, the creature’s fur is softer, and the colors offered are more vibrant and modern. Additional built-in sensors allow for improved responses as well. (this Furby “chews” as well as burps!)

Hasbro’s beloved pet will hit stores in the Autumn, giving parents a new option for the holiday season. Furbie will be available in six new colors initially. Children can enjoy the same interaction that the earlier devices offered, but there will also be some surprises along the way. The revamped electronics should capture the interest of Furby enthusiasts of all ages.

Furby Release Date

iPad toys are expected to top Xmas bestseller lists! Fur

The New Furby 2012 release date is set for September 16th 2012. The new Furby colors available to pre-order are orange, yellow, black, white, teal blue and purple! We expect to see special and limited edition Furbys as well.

Pre-Order Furby

Avoid the Christmas rush and pre-order Furby today. You can pre-order the new Furby on Amazon along with the hottest Christmas toys!

The new Furby for 2012 makes the the list for hot Christmas Toys 2012. Find Furby and other top Christmas toys on Amazon – and don’t forget to look for free shipping. Happy Holidays!

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Furby 2012 | Top Christmas Toys

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Furby is Back!

Furby, 2012 Edition

Top Christmas Toys 2012 include kids tablet devices, and retro Furby toys!

New Furby Toys -  Source: Hasbro

New Furby Toys – Source: Hasbro

After a 14-year disappearance from the market, the Furby is making a comeback this fall in time to be one of the hot Christmas toys 2012. Updated from the original version, this Furby 2.0 has an app connection, softer fur to hide touch sensors and more realistic expressions. The eyes have been completely changed to backlit LCD screens in order to allow the Furby to better look around the room and respond to noises.

Furby 2012 - Source:

Furby 2012 – Source:

The additional sensors and extra movement, such as the ability to dance and wiggle the ears, is expected to make the Furby one of the best selling Christmas toys of the year. The iOS app for iPad Mini and iPod can be used to send inaudible sound codes to another Furby toy or to communicate with the devices. Owners can also now feed their Furby toy and play with it in more ways than previously. The free Furby App – promises to be fun! Watch for new Furby accessories on Amazon.

Like the original, the Furby talks constantly; the only way to make it stop is to leave it alone or remove the batteries. The Furby doll will fall asleep after two minutes of inactivity but is easily awoken if touched or spoken to. At first, the Furby will speak nonsense but the more it is played with, the more it will begin to pick up English. There is an element of surprise as to what the Furby will do, and it responds to language differently depending on whether the source is human, another Furby or a song.

The second generation Furby toy comes in 10 vibrant colors – Teal green, ice blue, orange, black, purple, aqua, white and yellow! Get ready for “Furby Fever” this Christmas 2012! New Furby colors 2012, and new Furby sounds promise to be a lot of fun!

Download the free Furby app for your iPad®, iPod® Touch or iPhone®.

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Green Christmas Toys 2012 | 2012 Green Toys

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Recycling Toy Truck - Source:

Recycling Toy Truck - Source:

Eco Toys for Kids – Green Toys for Christmas 2012

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The development stages are so important. Children need organic toys that are safe and free of harmful chemicals. Eco friendly toys are made in the USA, Canada, and in various parts of Europe. Find the best eco-friendly toys hitting shelves in 2012!

Consider buying natural toys for your kids on their birthdays or for Christmas. Must have green Christmas toys are all natural, organic and lead-free. Natural toys are free from lead, herbicides, pesticides and other harmful toxins. Green toys are a great alternative to keep your baby safe. Keep your child free from lead, chemicals and other dangerous toxins with organic, lead free safe kids toys.

Learn to recognize children’s toys with lead. There are several American toy stores that produce safe green toys. Natural Christmas Toys are BPA-free, lead-free and organic cotton toys are a safe choice for your child. Earth friendly toys are one of the latest green trends. These include wooden toys, play sets and organic toys.

Avoid toy recalls and buy safe, lead free, non-toxic toys that are safe and fun!

Natural Toys 2012

  • Made from curbside collected milk containers
  • Safe and no phthalates or BPA
  • Recycled plastic saves energy and reduces greenhouse gasses
  • Natural and eco friendly
  • Safe fun for your child

Best Natural Toys 2012 – Lead Free Toys 2012

It is vital that our children play with safe toys. So many of us are buying toys that are supposedly safe for our children. In actual fact, some of these toys contain many harmful chemicals. Wooden toys with safe organic finishes and water based paints are a good choice. Not only are wooden toys safe, eco friendly and durable but they inspire young minds to be creative and develop imagination skills which are vital for a happy and healthy life.

Lead Paraben Free Christmas Toys 2012 – Safe Toys 2012

The developmental stages are so important for your child. Organic Baby Toys are a safe alternative for your child. Natural toys are free from lead, BPA, herbicides, pesticides and other harmful toxins. Eco-friendly toys are a great alternative to keep your baby safe. Keep your new baby free from lead, chemicals and other dangerous toxins with organic, lead free safe natural toys.

*Bookmark this page to find new top Christmas toys 2012 – best toys for 2012!

What are the hottest toys for 2013? Many of the top 2013 toys will be featured at the American International Toy Fair in February. There is sure to be a green kids tablet on the market!

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