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WowWee AppGear Toys | App Toys

October 25th, 2012

WowWee AppGear – iPad and iPhone Toys

Hot Christmas Toys 2012 include app powered toys!

WowWee specializes in connecting game apps with toys. In fact, app toys like 2012 Furby continue to soar in global popularity. With toys and electronics mixing more than ever, WowWee remains an industry leader in app-powered toys and applications. In recent months, the popular toy robot maker has created an innovative line of collectible toys. Known as App Gear, these applications combine physical toys and augmented reality to truly enhance the mobile gaming experience. With innovative features, App Gear interacts with free downloaded applications for tablets and smart phones. This has revolutionized both the wireless gaming and amplified reality sectors as a whole.

WowWee AppGear Toys - Source: WowWee

WowWee AppGear Toys – Source: WowWee

WowWee has enhanced the concept of connecting apps with traditional toys. In fact, their innovative concepts were recently on display at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. This cutting-edge concept promises to blend real-world toys with digital applications for years to come. This helps conventional toys play a pivotal part in the digital experience of applications and video games. Instead of taking a backseat, these toys can help enhance WowWee’s digital applications across the board. With advanced technologies, the company has released a number of programs that are compatible with physical toys. This includes Paper Jamz electronic toy guitars and Robosapien robotic toys.

WowWee’s App Gear is fully compatible with all Android and IOS mobile devices. They have also given retailers a way to secure timely business and profits. This includes affordable app-based toys, which range from $9.99 to $19.99. With technology at its fines, the union of traditional toys and digital apps is a burgeoning field. With WowWee, you are guaranteed app toys that are on the pulse of both broadband and digital entertainment.

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